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Retreat in Nature

December 11-12, 2021
Giardino dei ciliegi/Villa Pardi, Manoppello (PE)
from 199€ (2 days)
from 100€ (1 day)

Join us for two days in nature with activities and workshops designed to support our bodies and minds in the transition towards winter. This is an opportunity to slow down, detach from a busy life-style and practice exercises for developing self-awareness. It is also an occasion to taste probiotic food and learn more about it. We invite nature-lovers, healthy diet and slow-food adepts, practitioners of yoga, meditation, somatic movement and other disciplines. Simultaneously, the program is designed for people with different levels of experience, so anyone interested is welcome.


Relaxing and peaceful atmosphere
at the "Giardino dei ciliegi" Villa Pardi on the hill near Manoppello (Pe)
Comfortable 3 stars accommodation
in the room of your choice (single, double or triple)
5 hours of yoga
along with the pranayama and yoga nidra with Milva Perinetti from "Om shanti yoga connection"
5 hours of somatic exercises
for cultivating a kinesthetic sense – awareness of the body coming through movement. With the artist and performer Olga Kozmanidze
Outdoor activities
guided somatic walk where we will engage with the ambience of the garden
Lactofermentation workshop
to learn how to self-produce alive and tasty vegetables. Led by Fabio Ciarcelluti "Orti Geometrici"
ancient fermented recipes such as Kombucha, lactofermented vegetables and vinegars produced by "Orti Geometrici" and natural breads produced by "Mercato del Pane"
Vegetarian & probiotic inclusive menu
with 3 meals per day (breakfast on the arrival day is not included)

Retreat Schedule
Saturday, December 11
09:00-10:00 - Check in
10:00-10:30 - Welcome circle and introduction
10:30-12:40 - Pranayama, yoga, yoga-nidra
13:00-14:00 - Kombucha degustation, lunch, break
16:00-18:00 - Somatic movement
18:30-19:45 - Lactofermentation workshop
20:00-21:00 - Dinner + degustation of natural breads produced by "Mercato del Pane"
Sunday, December 12
08:00-08:40 - Pranayama
09:00-10:00 - Breakfast
10:30-11:30 - Outdoor activities: somatic walk
11:30-13:00 - Yoga, yoga-nidra
13:00-15:00 - Lunch, break
15:00-17:00 - Somatic movement
17:00-17:30 - Closing circle
17:30-19:30 - Aperitivo + Kombucha degustation
19:30-20:00 - Check-out, departure


Giardino dei ciliegi and the Villa Pardi
"Giardino dei ciliegi" and the Villa Pardi are situated on a hill near the ancient village of Manoppello offering a beautiful view with the landscape of Abruzzo. It is an old family residency that was restructured to accommodate guests with all necessary comfort. The facilities of the property include a restaurant, 3 star accommodation, a room with a warm, wooden floor for our daily practices and a garden with ancient cypresses and cherry trees.

for participating in two days of the retreat

registration is open by Nov.21
tripple room
double room
single room

registration is open by Dec.9
tripple room
double room
single room

  • 1 night accommodation
  • Vegetarian meals (lunch and dinner on the day 1 + breakfast, lunch and aperitivo on the day 2)
  • 10 hours of yoga and somatic movement practice
  • 1 DIY lactofermentation workshop
  • Degustations of live fermented foods: Kombucha, lactofermented vegetables and vinegars produced by Orti Geometrici
  • Degustation of natural breads produced by "Mercato del Pane"
  • transfer to and from Villa Pardi, Manoppello (Pe)
  • breakfast on the day of arrival
due to COVID all participants are required to demonstrate a negative test that is valid within 48 hours
the workshop will be held in Italian and English. We also speak Spanish and Russian

1 day of your choice

It is possible to participate in one day of the retreat. The cost depends on the day of the choice and the program.
Workshops and practice
Yoga, pranayama and yoga-nidra
The combination of breath and movement is an essential focus in Yoga. Paranayama means control of life energy (prana: life energy, yama: control). Through the right use of prana we bring awareness back to the respiratory system by increasing the energy that is necessary for physical yoga practice. This helps us not to consume energy but an the contrary to feel regenerated after practicing yoga.
Through the dynamic flow of movement and breath we will learn to enter into the postures with harmony and right control.
The main yoga posture will be introduced to give flexibility, vigor and balance to the body, also influencing mental well-being.
Finally, we will give space to the practice of Yoga Nidra (sleeping yoga), a technique through which, with the support of guided meditation, we will induce a state of relaxation similar to the state of deep sleep but in a state of total awareness.
Somatic movement
Approaching movement as our primal language, the workshop invites the participants to reclaim it through strengthening the knowledge and experience of the soma – the awareness of the body coming from within (for example through paying attention to movement or to a touch event). The participants are guided through verbal instructions, suggesting to move in a particular way, often with evocative imagery ("move as if you have a giant, dinosaur-like tale"; "you are seaweed, moved by the water"). Drawing inspiration from contact improvisation, contemplative practices, contemporary dance techniques and embodied voice, the practice doesn't aim at perfecting the technique of the movement. Instead the participants are invited to cultivate a kinesthetic sense through careful listening to the body and exploring inner sensations, emerging throughout the experience. Somatic movement also engages with the external forces and phenomena – e.g. gravity, inertia, landscape, textures, air temperature etc – for cultivating the sense of connection and belonging to something bigger than we are.
DIY lactofermentation workshop
The workshop is intended for all those interested in supplementing the diet with live foods, particularly rich in beneficial microorganisms and nutrients. The program consists of an introduction to the "Orti Geometrici" project and to fermented vegetables (history, traditional recipes, contemporary recipes); practice – making sauerkraut.
Each participant will be provided with all the material and all the ingredients necessary to prepare a jar of sauerkraut. You will only have to bring a notebook in which to write down some information not to be forgotten.
Facilitator: Fabio Ciarcelluti (Orti Geometrici)
Degustations based on ancient fermented recipes produced by "Orti Geometrici"
Kombucha is a live drink, fermented by a culture of bacteria and yeasts, natural effervescent, unpasteurized, with a sweet-sour taste, non-alcoholic, based on tea and top quality plant materials grown mainly on the farm. Microorganisms transform the ingredients, enhancing the taste and nutritional properties of the food, making it easily bioavailable and more assimilable by the body.
Lactofermented vegetables are vegetables grown on the farm and transformed by indigenous microorganisms into surprisingly tasty food, rich in acetic acid and good bacteria.
Agri are live acetic condiments, not pasteurized or filtered, obtained from the acetic fermentation or oxidation of flowers and fruits grown on the farm.
Degustation of natural breads produced by "Mercato del Pane"
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