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Essential Movement
June 13,
"Orti Geometrici", Str. Vicinale Francescone
65125 Pescara PE
free donation;
contact us for booking a spot
Like fresh air, clean water and balanced nutrition, the practice of movement is vitally important for us and our well-being. For this event we collaborate with the performer and musician Olga Kozmanidze who will facilitate the Essential movement workshop, inviting us to reclaim our primal language – movement. This is a chance to strengthen the knowledge and experience of the soma – the awareness of the body coming from within. At the end of the lesson, the participants will be offered a glass of Kombucha.
The level of the experience – open/mixed level.
Language of the event – English with Italian translation.
Participation fee: donation of your choice.
The number of participants is limited.
Contact us to book the spot.
Essential Movement approach

The participants are guided through verbal instructions, suggesting to move while creating basic movement patterns such as waves or spirals, for example. Often, evocative imagery is employed: "move as if you have a giant, dinosaur-like tale"; "you are seaweed, moved by the water". Instead of perfecting the technique of the movement, the participants are invited to cultivate their kinesthetic sense. They are encouraged to listen to their body and explore inner sensations, emerging with movement, through self-touch or while resting and body-scanning. The essential movement also engages with the external forces and phenomena – e.g. gravity, inertia, landscape, textures, air temperature etc – for cultivating the sense of connection and belonging to something bigger than we are.
For whom:

The workshop is addressed to everyone interested in cultivating awareness through movement. Therefore it might be particularly interesting to the practitioners of tai-chi, yoga, meditation, somatic movement, Feldenkrais, contact improvisation and other dance/movement practices. The workshop will also be useful for people with little or no experience, so they can benefit from bringing more movement into their life.
Generally, the level of the workshop is open/mixed level. Therefore, previous experience in movement practices is welcomed, but not necessary. Please, refrain from participating in the event if you have any injuries or other conditions, restricting the capacity to move freely.
    About the facilitator

    Olga Kozmanidze is a Russian-born artist, creating performances, music and sound art. Playing music since childhood, she pursued experimental sound and multimedia technology at SA))studio, Moscow and performance art at Pyr Fyr School, Moscow. Her somatic education started at VMI Center, Amsterdam where she studied voice movement integration, experiential anatomy and bodywork for organ rebalancing. Her major influences and sources of inspiration for body-based artistic practices include gaga movement language, authentic and somatic movement, contact improvisation and contemplative practices. In 2016 Olga co-founded and performed for "Sentire" – an immersive performance series with the sound system, transforming human interaction into sound. In 2019 she joined a research team at the Humboldt University, Berlin and contributed to the development of the interaction scenarios for professionals, willing to use "Sentire" in the therapeutic context. Interested in integrating her art practice and emerging passion for nature, she is currently based between Berlin and Abruzzo, Italy. Learn more about Olga on her website .
    Photos from the previous workshops, conducted by Olga Kozmanidze
    Foto by Ksenia Telepova
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